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Server rules

If you think that the rules are violated, you need to make a request in the support (

I Server:

1. Illegal - Using any exploits and bugs, attempting to gain unauthorized access to the server, attempting to disrupt services of the server. Such actions will lead to permanent ban in game and on the forum, as well as the blocking of your IP address. It is forbidden to impersonate a person belonging to the server team or having any relation to the team. Advertising or mentioning other games or servers, either in-game (including chat and private messages) or on the website is forbidden. Forbidden to entice players to other servers, or imply it with any phrases or actions. The penalty - ban of the account;
2. Under no circumstances server staff will not compensate for the loss of property players. The game itself involves some risks. Thus, property lost during duels, trades, murders, disputes, raffles, etc., as well as when breaking into the account because of the account owner - is not returned and is not restored;
3. Unlawful - Selling game currency or any other game items for real money. Transferring or selling an account to a person who did not register it. Exchanging game currency or any other in-game valuables for any items not related to in-game items.
4. It is forbidden to collect any data about user accounts or the data of the people to whom they belong. Such actions can lead to both blocking of all of your accounts and IP, as well as possible a lawsuit;
5. Distribution of any forbidden programs, as well as disclosure of exploits or bugs, will lead to a permanent ban of your account;
6. The use of any exploits, bugs is prohibited, regardless of whether they are of any benefit or not. Use of such bugs may result in a permanent ban of the account;
7. Using any items obtained through bugs or exploits is prohibited. Such items will be removed and the characters using them may be imprisoned, banned, or removed from the account as appropriate;
8. Using bots or attempts to modify the protocol (or attempt to capture/modify packages from/to the server) used on the server is illegal and will lead to permanent account and IP address ban;
9. The administration of the project warns that the site or the game server can be available or can be disabled at any time without explanation;
10. The administration disclaims any warranties of any kind. While playing on our server the player understands and agrees with Terms of use and service at his own risk;
11. Administration does not bear any responsibility to you for any losses and causes which have led to any negative consequences;
12. Administration is not responsible for any consequential or other losses or profits arising from the use of this site and / or the server / client game;
13. This game is not intended for anyone under the age of 14. Some data may not be desirable for younger children. By registering a game account, you confirm that you are 14 years old or have parental consent if you are still underage;
14. Although we make every effort to protect your personal data, we cannot exclude the possibility that your personal data will reach third parties in case of force majeure (hacking of our site, server etc.). Do not use login/password you use anywhere else!
15. Any accounts, as well as the characters created on them, any in-game items created / received on the servers of "UoGames" are the property of the server administration;
16. Any attack or application of a negative effect on the character, located in the trade safe zone or its analogous will be considered a bug and punished accordingly;
17. Any attempts of cheating while using our donation service will lead to the ban of user accounts. As an example, these include - attempts to manipulate payment systems, attempts to get things fraudulently, refunds for these services, not transferring funds within 3 days of the agreement, if any. Such accounts can be unblocked only after the use of paid unblocking service and repayment of all debts, if any at the time of account blocking;
18. Any attempts of cheating during character transfer lead to the blocking of all accounts belonging to the user;
19. Chat and personal messages on the server are fully logged and subject to the general rules of the server and communication on the server. Logs can be viewed by the administrator if necessary at any time. This is especially true for investigations on suspected violation of server rules;
20. Depending on the type of rules violation and if your accounts have already been blocked for them, the administration reserves the right to block new user accounts created after the incident.

II Accounts:

1. The ban is applied to the IP address, not account. Thus, all accounts created from the same IP will be banned;
2. You are responsible for any actions which occur with your account. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not reveal your account details, such as your username, password, and character names to others. Only you should know these details;
3. The so-called "sharing" of an account, i.e. the case of giving access to an account to a person who did not register it is also a violation of the rules, and can lead to the ban of such accounts.
The fact of gaining access to the account is automatically checking by server based on the coincidence of the IP addresses from which the login was made.
We don't recommend you to take the risk since in the case of banning the person, who was using your account during illegal actions it is possible that your shared account will be blocked too as it were accessed from IP address of the violator. All access story and IPs are stored in a database,.
Thus, if you play a guild or a large group of people - do not give access to your account to anyone. Otherwise, when one of the members of such a group will be banned so your account will be banned too. In this case, proving that it was your accounts will require a procedure similar to that of restoring access to your account. Be careful!
4. No one from the server or developers team will ever ask you for your password, be careful and don't fall for cheaters tricks;
5. It is forbidden to create "disposable" accounts for any personal purpose;

III Interaction of the player with the server team:

1. The server team (hereinafter - the Staff) tries to provide a comfortable game experience. Use proper language when addressing someone from the Staff and treat these people with due respect;
2. Do not attack the characters belonging to the Staff and do not try in any other way to interfere with them;
3. Attacking a member of the Staff that is in AFK or taking part in an Event may be sufficient cause for the deletion of the attacking character from the player's account;
4. It is not necessary to ask the Staff for any promotional campaign or for the organization of a new event. Such events are held according to the schedule, which can be found on the website;
5. The player will not be teleported by Staff just because he got lost. The only possible reason for such teleportation is the client's error, in which the player can not resolve the situation himself;
6. You should follow the instructions given to you by the server team immediately without delay and without protesting them;
7. It is prohibited to be rude with the Staff. You can not use profanity when communicating with the Staff. The penalty for violation of this paragraph will be sending a character from which the negotiations are held in jail or ban;
8. Players who have complaints about the work of any person from the server team should contact Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript. most fully describing the problem and the details of complaints;
9. Spamming ingame or repeatedly creating of themes on the forum, concerning your problem will lead in the first case to the fact that your character will be sent to jail and in the second case - to a temporary ban on the forum;
10. When interacting with the staff it is forbidden to provide false information, mislead the server staff or distort the facts. If because of the provision of such information someone's account will be banned ban will be issued for the period of the ban affected person + 31 days. Punishment in other cases will be applied depending on the situation.

IV Macros and scripts:

1. The use of macros created with Logitech gaming keyboards is allowed;
2. Prohibited killing players/NPCs/monsters while AFK;
3. Prohibited gathering resources and crafting with scripts (AFK farming);

V Spawns and Blocking. Movement and traps:

1. It is forbidden to take the mobs away from the spawn (the point of their appearance) to create lags. All blocking players will be moved out of zone. If such actions will repeat in future - player will be jailed or banned;
2. It is forbidden to take the mobs away from the spawn (the point of their appearance) to lock them in traps or block their freedom of movement.

VI Server interaction. Harassment and spam:

1. All expressions of racism are not permitted. If you determine that you are experiencing any manifestations of racism, contact someone on the server team;
2. Rezkill and griefing (repeatedly killing a player who is trying to resurrect) are allowed by the rules. The player can always leave the area in which he is attacked and try to resurrect elsewhere;
3. Advertisements for your in-game store, or any in-game advertisements other than those prohibited by the rules, may not be repeated more often than once every 90 seconds. Any other messages containing duplicate text or similar content may be considered as spam. The penalty for spamming can be sending a character to jail.
4. Swearing is highly discouraged. Although it is not forbidden, but for overuse of profanity, the character will be sent to jail. Just remember that children can play with you;
5. Any threats of a real nature in relation to the players will be punished with a penalty from the placement of the character in jail, to a permanent ban account;
6. If you have complaints that another player insults you in game or uses profanity when speaking to you, tell us the time, date, name of player and your nickname. We will not respond if you have provoked the person yourself, now or previously. Be careful, we will only consider complaints received within 24 hours of the violation. In other words, report it right away, don't wait;
7. At any events held by the administration is forbidden: flooding, any kind of insults, altercations. If you break this rule, the administration has the right to impose penalties at their discretion.
8. In places of accumulation of players (as three or more players within one standard screen of the game) all profanity is forbidden. Similarly, expressions and words that offend other players are forbidden, in case of insulting relatives and friends, the penalty will be assigned in triple measure;
9. Private messages are not monitored by the administration, but if you violate the rules and provide evidence in the form of screenshots, the administration can punish the offender;
10. At the discretion of the server administration, provoking players in chat may also be considered as a violation of game rules;
11. Any obscene and profane language at the events and tournaments is prohibited;
12. Players are forbidden to sort things out, to insult and provoke each other at a tournament or event;
13. By blocking a chat on one character, a chat, at the discretion of administration, can also be blocked on several characters belonging to the player;
14. The language of communication on public server channels is either Russian, for residents of the former Soviet Union and CIS countries, or English, for people who do not speak Russian or who are living in other countries. A transliteration in the community is also not welcome, although it is not prohibited.

VII Attitudes at Events and Tournaments:

1. The Game Master (hereinafter GM) has the right to set temporary rules at the time of the event or tournament, which are applicable to all its participants. The penalty for non-compliance with the rule shall be at the GM's discretion;
2. It is forbidden to interfere in any way the GM's activity on conducting the event or tournament;
3. It's forbidden to flood in any form its manifestation;
4. It is forbidden to attack players or use on them any negative actions in places that are not provided for this ( tribunes, etc.);
5. For violation of any of the points for the first time a player receives a warning, after a second warning a player may be removed from the event;
6. Repeated violations will be punished by ban or jail, or any other punishment at the discretion of the GM. All penalties may be at the discretion of someone from the Staff.

VIII Character Naming:

1. Insulting, rude, or racially divisive names and definitions, including common swear words, names of body parts, racial nicknames, and homonyms of these words, are prohibited;
2. Prohibited - Word combinations that have an offensive meaning (Bugass, Thug McCunt);
3. Prohibited - Names and definitions used in a religion or cult, as well as names of historical figures (Jesus, Allah, Satan, Stalin);
4. To allow more freedom in choosing guild names, common religious or cult terms such as heaven, hell, angel, devil, voodoo, etc. are allowed. Here are examples of appropriate guild names: Devil's Crew, Angels of Destruction, Hell or Flood, Voodoo Dolls.
Names and names belonging to any religion or cult are forbidden. Examples of unacceptable guild names are: "Warriors of Christ," "Barbarians of Buddha," "Avengers of Allah."
If the combination of all names violates any part of these rules, the name will be deemed unacceptable and will be changed;

X Phishing:

1. The distribution and use of macros, scripts, executable files and any other software products that aim to obtain in-game assets by tricking players is prohibited;
2. Administration retains the right to return items obtained through phishing to their original owner.

XI Changes to the rules:

1. These rules can be amended or changed at any time. The administration is not obliged to inform about every change in the rules, as all data is freely accessible. User has an opportunity to look through this section at any convenient moment for him and check for updates himself;
2. By creating an account on our game server Warhammer Online: Flame Of War - "UOGames" or on the project website you confirm that you fully agree with the above rules.
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