FAQ — Technical problems with game and client

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FAQ — Technical problems with game and client

1. Client is crashing
— If your client was downloaded before 02.12.2023 - you need to redownload it again or update it through "Full Check" in launcher (Options -> Check Update. Remember, that it will take more time because of bandwith limits). Do not use any other clients instead of ours!

2. Frequent game force logouts or crashes related to С++ library
— Check your client addons - some of them incorrectly work with our server. Also, most RoR related addons are not applicable to us, try to use their offical versions instead;

3. Errors in launcher or inavailability to download game
— Contact us at support.uogames.org/index.php?a=add&category=13 and provide launcher logs, it will help us to investigate problem and help you;

4. Error when launching launcher on Windows 7 related to .NET Framework
— Download files from drive.google.com/file/d/1e17T39pMTABMRvhPssYUEapeNb0VzOAa/view and install files numbered 1__ and 2__ in order. First one will make installation of .NET Framework 4.8 possible, seconds one - .NET Framework 4.8 itself (both of them are official releases from Micorsoft). After system reboot launcher will work;

5. Confirmation code not sent
— Try to use different email on another hosting. Also check your email in registration form. Check spam folder and add "@uogames.org" domain to trusted (may be REQUIRED on several mail services).
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