Warrior priest hybrid class Tweaks

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Warrior priest hybrid class Tweaks

I know the focus aint on balancing/changing classes But he is my thought to make Hybrid work again for warrior priest like the earlier version of live.

How to make the 2h warrior priest more unique and fun to play
Well right now the dok is alot more versatile all their abilities is more fun to play with for the 2h warrior priest soul fire is 2 second
cast not worth using it and the anti heal dont do any damage (can be parried) it just anti heal 25% which is extremely bad. It would atleast need to do dmg or bring
to 50% anti heal to make it worth it. Guilty soul tactic is okay in pve but in rvr it only trigger from 3 abilities to be good in rvr it would neeed to trigger from grace abilities to
make it worth it.

I alwas felt the most fun way to play the 2h warrior priest is hybrid with casted heals but with 40% less heals
aint really worth it. Hybrid gear goes for str and willpower but without the weapon skill it makes sigmar radiance do low dmg.Right now
the most efficient way is just to stack conq gear with weapon skill and str and spam sigmar radiance and divine assault with aoe detaunt. It kinda
get old very quickly. Hybrid build take alot more effort is more fun but right now it's really bad your better off going full book or full 2h dps
Soo here are some of thing i think could make hybrid build works. (All the gear invader,warlord, tyrant etc are hybrid)

If your playing melee Wp you only have about 7 abilities to rotate which make them pretty boring quickly. On my dok got around 10 abilities which is plenty and fun to rotate.
Soo i feel the dok is at a good place for pure melee lots of a good rotation to go for.

Multiple differant change that could be done to make Wp go more the hybrid route.

old 2009 builder web.archive.org/web/20080912074131/http:...=12#0:0:0:0:7:160:25
Switching for the the 10%crit 10% parry for the old 15% crit or make it 10% but without the 20% heal debuff. If we had that it would mean you could
go hybrid with just 20% less heals making it alteast somewhat viable.

-Bring back divine strike with spirit dmg to make hybrid gear works. like i said earlier without any weapon skil most melee skill like sigmar radiance
wont heal much. With divine strike it could work soo you could use it as a main abilities with ranged heals making hybrid gear works.it could be with the
tactic of sigmar radiance adding it can heal for 150% like the old build if you get the grace of sigmar tactic. Or just 150% without tactic.

The dok dps alwas had 10%crit with 10% parry since the begining it's much better solo tactic than just crit from the warrior priest but i feel the
warrior priest should be more about the group support hence more of a hybrid class.

This would make hybrid actualy work like the earlier version of live for the warrior priest hybrid spec.

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